i-Hepsut 100% Organic Mild Lightening Kit


You can never go wrong with our 100 % Organic MILD LIGHTENING kit. A complete kit that comes with a scrub, soap and cream that helps with sun protection and a skin healing. It acts as a detoxifying agent for your skin and gives it the much-needed rejuvenation.

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  • Natural and botanical lightening kit
  • Clears and heals skin blemishes.
  • Restores the skin’s evenness and promote uniform skin tone
  • Fights against skin pigmentation
  • Helps to delay ageing process
  • Promotes fair complexion without thinning out the skin
  • Clears green veins
  • Paraben free

This is made of natural extracts formulated to help restore the skin’s evenness and promote uniform skin tone while you sleep for optimum lightening and firming results. It soothes,nourishes and stimulates the skin metabolism, reducing dark spots generation and reducing fine lines at the same time leaving the skin hydrated, smooth and brighter.

It is also composed of the most effective and fast acting skin lightening ingredients, it’s luxurious milk is specially prepared for extreme delicate touch which acts against formation of new pigment spots while lightening the skin. It’s mildly exfoliates the skin, rebuilds collagen and locks in moisture. It’s fortified with anti-aging properties and superb essential oils. It very safe and suitable for all skin types.

Unlike the ordinary fairness creams, this cream penetrates deep inside the skin cells and prevents melanin from reaching the upper skin layers, turning it lighter and glowing while improving your complexion manifold and prevent skin pigmentation. It contains Manjishtha which is a powerful herb in Ayurveda, known for its ability for skin repair, makes skin lustrous, glowing and helps to remove pimples, freckles and discoloration.

It also contains a powerful natural whitener. It is specially formulated with the best ingredients to instantly whiten the skin, by removing old and dead skin cells and then building new, youthful skin in the shortest time making it possible with this product you can achieve that lustrous white skin and be the fairest of them all.

Aqua, Sodium Polyacrylate (and) Sodium Methyl Lauroyl Taurate, (and) C13-14 Isopara n (and) Laureth-7, Kojic dipalmitate, Butylene Glycol (and) Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi Leaf Extract, (and) Mitracarpus, Scaber Extract, Alpha-Arbutin, Hydrogenated Polydecene, Glycerine, Cyclopentasiloxane (and) C30-45 Alkyl Cetearyl Dimethicone, Crosspolymer Caprylic/Capric triglyceride (and) Diacetyl boldine Glycerin-Water (Aqua)-Dithiaoctanediol-Gluconic Acid-Sutilains-Beta-Carotene Elac., Dimethicone Sodium Pyrrolidone Carboxylate, Tocopheryl acetate, Licorice Extract, Disodium EDTA, Propylene Glycol 56% (and) Diazolidinyl Urea 30%, (and) Methyl Paraben 11% (and) Propyl Paraben 3% and Tea Leaf


  • Step 1: apply the scrub once a week
  • Step 2: washing two times daily
  • Step 3: apply the cream two times daily after your bath

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I-Hepsut 100% Organic Mild Lightening Kit

i-Hepsut 100% Organic Mild Lightening Kit

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